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Roundtables for Radicals

Notes on the Road
to 21st Century Socialism

Issue 2, March 2020

Roundtables for Radicals

Roundtables for Radicals

LeftRoots is excited to present our “Out to Win: Roundtables for Radicals” online event series, a space for Leftroots Cadre, Compas and social movement leftists to grapple with the key strategic questions of our times. This is a national space for fellow travelers to build with one another as left comrades, as we work to develop a more strategic social movement left.

Below, you can view information about previous Roundtables including videos and materials.


October 2022 — Ask Us Anything: A Q&A Session About the Road Ahead

September 2022 — Unlocking A New Movement: Keystone Species + Cadre Formations

August 2022 — A Vanguard without Vanguardism: 21st Century Cadre Formations

July 2022 — What is To Be Done? Proposed Plans for a Strategy Summit


October 2021: Cadre Formation & Resilient Protagonism

September 2021: Liberatory Strategy & Movement Ecosystem

August 2021: 21st Century Socialism and Human Development

May 2021: Celebrating Strategists for 21st Century Socialism


October 2020: Understanding the Moment and Mapping Scenarios to Prepare for What Comes Next

September 2020: Defeating Trump and Advancing Strategy for Liberation

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