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Nov. 2020 Roundtable for Radicals – How the People Ousted Trump & What’s Next?

Notes on the Road
to 21st Century Socialism

Issue 2, March 2020

Nov. 2020 Roundtable for Radicals – How the People Ousted Trump & What’s Next?

Roundtables for Radicals

In the series’ third session, we dig into our assessment of the election, the state of Trump’s attempts to contest the results and how that shapes the next phase of work for our organization and the Left. LeftRoots members share reports from the frontlines, focusing on the dual nature of their work to both defeat Trump and develop their capacities as revolutionaries.

Finally, we look ahead to LeftRoots’s ongoing cadrefication work, laying out the contributions we hope to make towards creating the conditions for the launch of a revolutionary political instrument in the years to come.

Watch the video of the Roundtable below!

Download the presentation from this Roundtable (The presentation is in PDF format.)

About the Roundtables for Radical Series

In September, LeftRoots launched our “Out to Win: Roundtables for Radicals” online event series, a space for Leftroots Cadre, Compas and social movement leftists to grapple with the key strategic questions of our times. This will be a national space for fellow travelers to build with one another as left comrades, as we work to develop a more strategic social movement left.

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