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Watch the Recording: Roundtable for Radicals on September 29, 2020

Notes on the Road
to 21st Century Socialism

Issue 2, March 2020

Watch the Recording: Roundtable for Radicals on September 29, 2020

Roundtables for Radicals

LeftRoots is excited to announce the launch of our ‘Out to Win: Roundtables for Radicals’ online event series, a space for Leftroots Cadre, Compas and social movement leftists to grapple with the key strategic questions of our times. This first Roundtable for Radicals inaugurates a new effort to open up and activate our Compa program. This will be a national space for fellow travelers to build with one another as left comrades, as we work to develop a more strategic social movement left.

Roundtable for Radicals #1: Defeating Trump & Advancing Strategy for Liberation

“What can we do today, so that tomorrow we can do what we are unable to do today?” 

In an attempt to answer Paulo Freire’s question, we will hear from LeftRoots’ cadre and compas who believe that in order to halt the most dangerous forces of Trumpism, defeat neoliberalism and, eventually, advance down the revolutionary road to socialism, we must defeat Trump in November. In this first roundtable event, we will dig into a new LeftRoots project to test out this strategic hypothesis, as well as our approach to libratory strategy and principled struggle on the left in these times.

Watch the recording of LeftRoots’ first Roundtable for Radicals, which took place on Tuesday, September 29, 2020.

The basis of discussion for this Roundtable was LeftRoots 2020 ‘Situational Objective’: Defeating Trump in 2020 and Advancing Strategy for Liberation: A ‘Situational Objective’ for the US Left.

Save the Date: 

The Next Roundtable For Radicals will be held on Tues, Oct. 20th 4 -6pm PT/ 7-9pm ET and Tuesday Nov 17th same time. 

We’re excited to have other social movement leftists join us in this conversation. Because this is a space for people who share an interest or commitment to our left politics, please don’t share this invitation broadly on social media or to general email lists. We are socialists committed to advancing the struggle for collective liberation, which requires building our movements against white supremacy, capitalism, heteropatriarchy and imperialism. Onwards!

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