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August 2021 Roundtable for Radicals: 21st Century Socialism and Human Development

Notes on the Road
to 21st Century Socialism

Issue 2, March 2020

August 2021 Roundtable for Radicals: 21st Century Socialism and Human Development

Roundtables for Radicals

This Roundtable for Radicals took place on Wednesday, August 25, 2021. Watch the recording below!

Last month we shared with you all the Liberatory Strategy Toolkit, and this month we will be building on that to talk about the first tool, the Vision tool, to talk about 21st Century Socialism. 

This is the second of a five-part Roundtables for Radicals series where you can get plugged into our Liberatory Strategy and Principled Struggle Initiative! In this month’s session we will:

  • Discuss the role of liberatory “vision” for liberatory strategy, and the challenges we see in our movement around lack of shared vision & strategy;
  • Take a look inside the first tool of the Liberatory Strategy Toolkit, the Vision of the Economic Base;
  • Use this tool to illuminate the logic of 21st Century Socialism, and how it learns from and builds on 20th century Socialist projects. 

As you’ll soon see, the toolkit is not aimed at developing personal or even individual organizations’ strategies. It aims to help develop strategy at the level of movements, that spans different issues, sectors and regions with the aim of winning socialist liberation. This is the level of strategy that has anchored and guided various revolutionary movements around the globe.

The toolkit provides a common structure for developing liberatory strategy for achieving 21st century socialism. With a clear framework, cadre organizations will be better able to develop, clarify and carry out strategy in a more effective way. And having a common framework for liberatory strategy will invite more of us into more productive discussion and principled struggle.

Watch the Recording

Download the Reading: “Reinventing Socialism” from The Socialist Alternative by Michael Lebowitz

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