Out To Win! is a publication of LeftRoots.

Welcome to Issue Two of Out to Win!, LeftRoots’ journal exploring strategy to win socialist liberation from the perspective of US social movement leftists on the frontlines of today’s struggles. We’re so glad you’re reading this.

Like all of LeftRoots’ work, Out to Win! is rooted in our two organizational purposes: developing strategy and developing strategists. Our movement needs shared strategy that can coordinate action across sectors and regions for maximum effect, and it needs people who can develop, evaluate, and carry out such strategy.

In our first issue, we focused on the first of these purposes, strategy development. We shared ‘We Believe That We Can Win’, an internal discussion document in which nine LeftRoots cadres outlined a broad strategy for socialist liberation in the United States. The issue also included a number of responses to ‘We Believe…’ that reflect our commitment to developing grounded strategy through principled debate. That initial peek inside the bubbling cauldron of LeftRoots strategy development work also established the basic idea for Out to Win!

In this second issue, we’re focusing on our second purpose—developing revolutionary strategists—while still giving readers a window into LeftRoots’ strategic work and discussions.

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